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If you want more wildlife – from deers to butterflies, let our landscapers create the perfect environment.

Landscaping That Attracts New Friends

Have you ever sat with a family member in your backyard and thought how nice it would be if you had more wildlife?

My Landscaper is a landscape design company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of environmentally friendly landscapes to attract wildlife. We are landscaping experts who understand how various local plants work for birds, beneficial insects, deer, and other animals you may want to see.

Our team can provide one or all the following habitat elements for your backyard oasis:


Creating a diverse selection of plants throughout your yard will provide food for all kinds of wildlife. The key is having both seasonal and year-round sources, so use plant varieties that produce seeds, berries, nuts, flower nectar, or insects as well. Avoid using insecticides since these can be harmful to birds that rely heavily on insects for their diet. In addition, incorporating bird feeders into your yard is an easy way to attract more migratory birds and provide a natural habitat for them.


Animals will travel great distances just for a drink of water. Water is essential and you can provide that by placing an attractive birdbath or dripper in your yard that attracts wildlife from all over.


Wild animals have a variety of ways they can find safe places to rest, escape danger and raise their young. The most commonplace for shelter in the wild is under tree branches or shrubs with leaf litter providing protection from storms as well protected habitats for insects and amphibians alike.


The size of your backyard may be the deciding factor between whether or not you can host wildlife. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean an animal will never visit –which is why focusing on creating good conditions for them could help create exciting moments when these creatures do come around. Driveways can create a safety barrier that establishes buffers of dense vegetation between wildlife areas and busy areas like streets. It’s important to dedicate an area in your yard exclusively for sensitive animals so they don’t feel threatened.


To help wildlife find the food, shelter, and space they need to thrive in your landscape design it’s important that you provide a variety of plants. There are many different types including grasses, flowers trees, or shrubs with both deciduous and evergreen species included for more choices available throughout all seasons.


The importance of layers in your landscaping can be seen in the variety and density that it provides for wildlife. Most animals are dependent on certain heights, so having a wide range is essential! The layering process is crucial to creating a well-designed landscape. First, tall trees are planted followed by shorter ground covers that tolerate shade; finally, plants like shrubs and flowers can be added on top of these layers for an even more stunning look.


Edging is important for wildlife because it provides a transition from one habitat type to another. By including many layers of vegetation with curved or irregular borders as well as secluded hiding places, you can focus on areas where the greatest variety in animal life will be found around your yard’s edges: between lawns and trees… Edged spaces make great natural habitats.

Native Plants

The best habitats for native wildlife are those that have evolved naturally to thrive in your area. Native plants need less watering, spraying, and pruning than non-native ones because they’re more closely matched with local soil types, climate conditions like rainfall or temperature range as well as animal life. Native plants provide the best food, shelter, and diversity needed by native wildlife.

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My Landscaper is a business dedicated to providing beautiful landscapes that are sustainable, reliable, and of high quality. We work with you in mind by ensuring we maintain long-term relationships of trust between clients so we can be both your trusted landscaper as well an environmental steward for years to come.


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