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Have you always wanted a greenhouse in your backyard? We’ll build one for you!

Residential Greenhouse Installation

At My Landscaper.com, we’re more than just landscapers- we also install and build greenhouses. A greenhouse is an excellent way to maximize your space and grow plants all year round without worrying about pests or whatever weather comes your way.

When you’re ready to make your dream of having a greenhouse a reality, our team is here to make it happen. My Landscaper.com will design the perfect solution tailored exactly right based on your specific needs.


A Custom Designed Greenhouse with You in Mind

The greenhouses at My Landscaper can be custom-designed for you to meet your specific wants and needs. Our design team will work with whatever specifications that are needed, from small-scale or large solar size installations. We’ll make helpful suggestions based on what’s best suited just for you.

Our greenhouses are built with a durable aluminum frame that will not rot, warp, or rust. The exterior of the structure is an excellent choice for weathering all types of conditions without damage. You can also find standard colors available alongside custom ones to match your unique personality and style needs.

Benefits Of Having A Greenhouse

Having a backyard greenhouse is a luxury that more and more people are considering. Why? Most of the people that we talk to are interested in having more fresh vegetables or seasoning. Whether you want to grow more of your own food or you want other types of plants, having a greenhouse is perfect for growing the type of plants you want all year long

Here are the primary benefits of having your own greenhouse:

  • Extend your growing season- For many plants, you only have a specific planting and growing season, but a greenhouse gives you more time to grow what you like.
  • Grow your own fruits, vegetables & greens- With the rising food costs, more and more people have decided to grow their own food which offsets the price of groceries
  • The ability to grow exotic fruits, flowers & plants- having a greenhouse gives you the freedom to grow plants that don’t naturally grow around Atlanta.
  • Protects your plants from predators- the problem with growing your own food is that it attracts deer, raccoons, and other hungry animals. Your greenhouse keeps these animals from getting to your crop.

Types of Greenhouses

Many people don’t know that there are many different types of greenhouses. Naturally, what you want to grow will help determine the type of structure we build for you. The different types are essentially based on the temperature you need inside.

The different types are:

  • Cold Houses– these structures provide protection for plants but has no additional heat source installed. This type of house simply allows you to plant crops earlier and grow them longer in autumn.
  • Cool Houses– These buildings will maintain temperatures above freezing to protect plants that die during a freeze.
  • Warm House– This type of house keeps temperatures around 55F which allows for a much larger range of plants to make it through winter.
  • Hot House– These houses keep temperatures above 60F and are used to grow mostly tropical plants.

Naturally, there are considerations to discuss with each type of greenhouse including additional heat sources, materials, features, and the design.

Greenhouse Installation & Repair

Greenhouses are a great investment for the environment, but they can be expensive to fix when something gets damaged. If you have an old greenhouse that needs repair or restoration because of broken panes of glass, non-functioning ridge vents, etc., My Landscaper.com will come and make the necessary repairs to have you back in business again.

When you’re looking to replace an old or damaged greenhouse, it’s important that the one installed is up to date with all the safety requirements. Luckily, we have professionals on staff that can design and install new ones as well as take down your old structure.

My Landscaper is your one-stop shop for all things green, and we’ve got you covered no matter what level of involvement or greenhouse style.

Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse design is a specialized field that requires specific knowledge and experience. It’s not just about building the right size or shape, but also considering what type of accessories will be needed for your greenhouse-like windows and ridge vents!

We can help you with all aspects of your new greenhouse. We can provide complete lines of window kits, exhaust fans, blowers, and more to meet your needs.

Do you already have a greenhouse but want to change it up? We have the skills you need. Our collection of aluminum decor elements is second-to-none in its variety and style. Add grids or patterns on your windows for some added flair. We’ll help you create a backyard oasis with lush greenery inside.

Why Choose My Landscaper?

My Landscaper offers a wide variety of custom grow houses at competitive prices. We are motivated every day by our constant drive to better the quality and services we offer, as well as ourselves. You’ll find that My Landscaper provides high-quality solutions with excellent customer service second to none; it’s what makes us stand out from all other landscaping companies around! Call today for all your green house needs!

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We work with homeowners all around the northern metro Atlanta area. We have customers all around Lake Lanier, and our main focus is on the suburbs of North Atlanta. Some of our favorite customers are in Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton, Forsyth, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Buford, Dacula, Braselton, Hoschton, Flowery and Branch.

When you’re ready to take your yard to the next level, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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