Landscaping To Enhance Your Brand

A nice yard turns heads in neighborhoods. We just put that idea to work for your business.

Landscaping For Your Business

To us, it’s an obvious idea. We believe in using the green space around your business to enhance your brand and bring in more traffic.

We all know that nice landscaping turns heads and gets you noticed. That’s exactly what every business wants. Our landscapers work with you to better understand your business and create greenery to help you attract more customers.

In today’s busy world, it’s important to use everything you possibly can to stand out from the crowd and break through all the noise. It’s a simple fact that people notice plants, flowers, nice shrubs, trees and other landscaping elements. We simply use these and other ideas to draw attention to your business.

Besides getting noticed, we use our landscaping skills to help make a great first impression. A great yard reflects well on your company. Call us and let’s talk about how our landscape design skills make the right impression with your prospects.

Landscapers Who Partner With Your Business

As a business owner, you have a company image to portray and protect. We understand how important your image is. That’s why we develop customized, creative ways to make your landscaping reflect on your business appropriately.

Our goal is simple: to find interesting ways to get your business noticed and ultimately improve your bottom line.

While most landscaping companies are simply there to keep your grass cut, our job is to help you bring in more customers.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas To Boost Your Business

What we do depends upon your industry and your business, but there are thousands of ways we can use greenery to help your company. Our imagination is our only limitation. Some of the things we’ve done for customers include things like:

  • Installing planters with tall greenery to highlight your building entrance
  • Add outdoor lighting to accent your building at night
  • Install a water feature like a pond or fountain
  • Add shrubbery to the side of your building
  • Plant flowers or other greenery to accent your roadside signage
  • Line your pathways with various plant life
  • Create a spectacularly inviting lawn
  • Install hedges as dividers

These are just a few ideas we’d like to discuss with you after our initial meeting.

Our Process

We make working together easy. It all begins with an initial meeting where we ask a series of questions that help us learn more about your business and your branding.

From your answers, we’ll develop a detailed, customized plan and proposal to help improve the space around your business. Naturally, we’ll include a timeline for the transformation. It’s as simple as that. If what we propose works for you, we’ll get started on your landscape enhancements right away.

Many business owners think that landscaping services like ours are too expensive and a luxury they can’t afford, but the reality is that we are extremely affordable- particularly when you factor in the long term benefits of what we do. When you stop to consider how much nice outdoor spaces attract customers and employees, our services pay for themselves.

Call us and let’s get started today.

Our Service Area

We work with homeowners and businesses all around the northern metro Atlanta area. We have customers all around Lake Lanier, and our main focus is on the suburbs of North Atlanta. Some of our favorite customers are in Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Buford, Dacula, Braselton, Hoschton, and Flowery Branch.  

When you’re ready to take your yard to the next level, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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